Kontakt oss for tilbud og ideer

Kontakt oss for et uforpliktende tilbud: 

Mari Clementine Østgaard på
mari.ostgaard@dntoslo.no / turinfo@dntoslo.no
 tlf 45 87 13 41 /22 82 28 00

Vi presenterer gjerne tilbudet for dere, ta kontakt. 

Aurlandsdalen Foto Hilde Løken Magnussen
Aurlandsdalen Foto Hilde Løken Magnussen

For Foreign Travel Groups:

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to take on foreign travel groups. 

On our website you should be able to find the information you need to plan and organise your group stay. We reccommend to directly contact the cabins you are interested in order to book your stay. 

If you should have any queries about our routes and cabins or need advise, please contact our DNT Tour Information.