How YOU can help

Updated 30 March 2020

The Norwegian Trekking Associaton - DNT Oslo Region is seriously affected by the Corona crisis. Our winter season is cancelled, and our mountain lodges hosts have no income. The administration employees in the Oslo office are also on temporary lay-off.

We have received a lot of declarations of support. Many have asked how they can contribute financially to the DNT.

We are very grateful for this support. You can help as follows:


VIPPS is a method of money transfer in Norway using a mobile phone app. If you have this, you can send to "DNT Oslo og Omegn - gift"  -  598897

2. Bank payment

You can pay into our account 1503.82.02100 - "Gift"

3. Become a DNT Member

We ask everyone to become a member, or renew their membership -

4. I do not need a full refund in relation to a tour cancellation

Many participants are affected by cancelled DNT Oslo og Omegn tours. If you want DNT to keep all or part of your payment, you can send an e-mail to  Please include your account number and the amount that you wish the DNT Oslo og Omegn to keep.


DNT Oslo Region is the largest of the 57 Norwegian Trekking Associations (DNT), and has the responsibility for the majority of DNT’s staffed lodges. DNT Oslo Region also manages many organised arrangements. The association is particularly affected by the corona situation.

Members, volunteers and many of our friends are giving great support. We are very grateful and thank you for your help!

We can see that are many people are very fond of DNT. Together we will come through this crisis. We will return!

​​​​​​​When the crisis is over, DNT associations across all of Norway will be ready to take people back into the wilderness!

Snøheim, Dovre
Snøheim, Dovre Foto: Mari Kolbjørnsrud

Skrevet av Camilla Horten 18. mars 2020