Skiskins and skiwax

We will get some inquiries about whether it is mandatory with ski skins and what kind of skins to use - short or long. Here are some more tips and explanations that we hope can help in the choices.


Longskins is mandatory on trips where the point is to go on mountain peaks.

Longskins is not used on trips in easier areas (Hardangervidda, Langsua, Femundsmarka, Ringebufjella etc.) Longskins in slender lend, does not create ski-happiness, as it does not slide forward. It is hard to lift the skis over long distances.

Short skins is not mandatory, but is very smart to bring with you in the wintermountains. Short skins is available in many variants and is probably all suitable. Short skins glides better than long skins. Short skins is quite easy to move forward, as you do not have to lift them all the way up from the ground to slip. Short skins are also good if it is hard when the wax does not sit or slip off quickly.

Skiwax - all participants must have at least:

Blue extra and universal klister+ ice scraper and adhesive remover. If there is a need for another type of skiwax, you will be supplemented by the cabins. Tour guides help with ski-waxing.

Other equipments -  information:

Storm goggles / Alpine Goggles: We can get much wind and snow in the mountains, and stormgoggles are therefore an essential part of the equipment you should wear in the winter mountains. This provides good protection for your eyes, good visibility, and at the same time protects a large part of the face from cold. Available in many models.  Not mandatory, but definitely to recommend.

Windsack: «Windsack is mandatory equipment for winter trips. It gives shelter for wind and snow, and it can be folded up like a wall. Particularly important in emergency relief.
We recommend a type similar to that sold in the DNT store.

Skiwaxing Foto: Hilde Løken Magnussen