Questions and answers during the Corona-period

Updated 30 Mar 2020

Most of the staff in DNT Oslo Region are now temporarily laid off and we have limited resource to respond to events. If you send an e-mail to the administration department, you will receive an automatic response on our situation during the Corona period.

We hope the questions and answers listed below will give you the answers to any queries you may have.

First; read our general article on cancelled trips and closed huts here: (english language in the same article).

1. Are all the guided trips and courses in the mountains and outdoor areas cancelled?

All guided trips and courses that have been booked are now cancelled, up to and including 1st May. We have not cancelled the summer arrangements in the mountains.

2. Are all local trips cancelled?

All arrangements that don’t require pre-booking have been cancelled; local tours, outdoor physical training, senior citizens buses, etc are cancelled until a new message is placed on our website Meanwhile you can find many good suggestions for local walks at

3. Can I cancel trips or arrangements that I have booked for the Spring and Summer seasons?

Yes, you can cancel,but you must abide by the rules for cancellation at:   Remember to give your bank account number if you cancel.

4. Will I be refunded for cancelled trips and courses?

All participants on arrangements that have been cancelled because of the Corona situation have, or will receive information directly on the cancellation. We are working to find solutions for refunds. We ask for your patience as this can take time.

5. Can I be a DNT member and book myself on trips and courses for the summer?

Yes, you are very welcome to be a DNT member, and to book on arrangements for the summer. You can do this electronically on our website.

6. I wish to support DNT Oslo Region in this situation. How can I do this?

We really need all the help we can get, and the biggest help you can give is to be a member. Membership is obtained here: . Read more about "How you can help".

7. Are the huts closed?

Yes, all of our serviced and self-service huts in the mountains are closed. The same applies to the huts in the Oslo-marka / Oslo forests which cannot be booked nor used.

8. Are the mountain routes winter marked now that the huts are closed?

Any winter routes that have already been marked will not be maintained. The markings will remain until they fall down of natural causes. Some route markings have been removed.

NOTE: All travel in the mountains this winter is strongly discouraged by the authorities.

9. How can I make contact if I have questions for DNT Oslo Region?

You can contact our information centre at or telephone 22 82 28 00.Note that we now have limited opening hours, Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 14:00.

10. When will I know that DNT Oslo Region is back in business again?

Follow our website  We will keep this updated with information as the situation develops. We will follow the Authorities’ recommendations for when we can start our normal work again.

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Skrevet av Camilla Horten 18. mars 2020